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What is CTE

What is CTE


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“CybTrade Engine” (CTE) – is a multi-purpose system, which allows you to manage site content. Built-in tools give an opportunity to develope different tipes of site like portals, informational systems, internet shops, catalogues and B2B systems. CTE has module structure, which provides you with a very high level of functionality. CTE - is “Lego” for building sites, which will realize any of your ideas using one and the same technology.

What is CTE



All the possibilities of thesystem depend on the kernel and modules.
Possibilities of the kernel:
  • Database operating
    • Developing and modification of data structure
    • Support of the tables
    • Data inputing, editing, deleting
  • Data backup
  • Operating logical tree:
    • Developing of the tree (branches, adding, editing, deleting)
    • Link of data to the tree
    • Link of design parterns to the tree
  • Generation
    • Developing of the site code according to the logical tree and database
  • Mail system
    • Customer resource management
    • Mail list (swubscribing, unsubscribing, lists)
    • Developing letter partens with data substitution
  • Meta-tags
    • Automatic generation Meta-tag
  • Statistics and reports
    • Generation of different reports according to the data and report script language
  • Data import and export
  • User form API
  • Different adminisrator rights and role
  • Searching system
    • Context search
    • Logical search
  • Administrator interface

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